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HYAVA™ Product Bundle

Quick Overview

HYAVA™ Organic Hair Thickening Fibers will make fine or thinning hair thicker and fuller in seconds. Designed for both men and women, HYAVA™ Organic Hair Thickening Fibers are undetectable as they resemble real hair that intertwines and binds with your existing hair to create volume and total coverage.

HYAVA™ Organic Fiber-Bond Spray is designed to increase and strengthen the magnetic bond between HYAVA™ Organic Hair Thickening Fibers and your existing hair follicles. Made from all natural organic ingredients, HYAVA™ Organic Fiber-Bond Spray will ensure long lasting results whilst adding extra protection against wind, rain and sweat.

The HYAVAâ„¢ Mirror Comb is a useful tool when applying HYAVA Organic Hair thickening Fibers. After applying the fibers, the Comb can be used to pat, disperse and settle the fibers into your hair.


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