Organic Hair Products

Its 2016: our morning routines in preparing for the day ahead (invariably) involve the genderless common denominator that is the application of hair products. We all spray, scrunch and get spiffy. However, do we stop to think just what exactly is in these styling products we all use to prepare or groom ourselves? The answer is ‘No’ for most the most part. However, organic hair products are becoming increasingly popular as both men and women are realising the benefits of using natural based styling products.

It’s becoming (if not already) common knowledge that the label “organic” is typically associated with healthier natural products or foods – foods which are far better for us, and of course the environment. And, it’s not just a fad. Everybody at some point in their lives has probably experienced dry scalp irritations of some nature, likely one of the most apparent of hair related issues found amongst men and women.

This is just one of many issues that can be attributed to the toxic additives commonly found in non-organic hair products – and one on the main culprits is a chemical known as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. And, it’s just one name in a long-list of known irritants/allergens commonly found in most household hair products. It’s no surprise that the wider populace is now shifting towards (even demanding) cleaner, greener, natural and more organic products. We’ve witnessed the shift in food choice and now we are becoming more conscious of topical products. It’s about a natural approach both inside and out.

It’s important not to ignore the health of your hair and scalp. After all, it’s a long term investment. Balding, Receding hair lines, split ends, hair loss, dandruff… the list goes on. Do any of these sound familiar? These ailments are a common occurrence, affecting men and women in equal terms.

It pays to shift your mindset when it comes to the health of your hair. Invest in the best and your hair will reap the benefits. Shampoos, conditioners, hair styling products…. no matter what it may be … if you’re putting it in your hair make sure it’s organic and natural. Sure, sometimes it may be a tad more expensive, however paying a couple extra dollars today will ensure a healthy glowing lush head of hair with lasting youth and vitality tomorrow. Then, there’s the added bonus of helping out our little friend mother nature.

There is every reason to use organic hair products:

There are no harmful or toxic chemicals. Think of this in terms of your hair, skin, body and (of course) the place in which it ends up when it goes down the drain. The chemicals found generally in non-organic hair products have a difficult time being broken down once washed away. Organic hair products don’t contain such ingredients and are eco- friendly, both in the way they are manufactured and in disposal. This is due to the fact that natural ingredients can be broken down much easier – a lot like the way plastic is far less bio degradable than card board or paper.

Organic hair products are actually more economical. Yeah, I said it. I know this doesn’t seem to apply when you’re out in the marketplace purchasing the goods, but just think about the word “economical” – the first part of the word is “eco” and the correlation between organic and economic is ironically synonymous. To put this in relatable terms let’s take a real world example – fast food. Fast food may be cheaper and easier to have in your diet. However, it’s never going to be responsible for a great life span or bill of health. Similarly, the cost of repairing the damage incurred to your precious locks of hair (or man bun or the problem of scraping forward your hair line in a futile attempt that isn’t fooling anyone) in the future will far outweigh the cost of switching to organic hair products today.

Put simply, organic hair products may have a higher price ticket, but you’re really saving some pretty pennies in the long run. It’s an old adage but it holds true: you get what you pay for. Treating your hair with the level of care it deserves is about investing in natural products free of synthetic additives and harmful chemical pollutants. In economic terms this is a simple cost benefit equation. At the end of the day, that’s hard to argue with.

So, invest in the best: take care of your hair and go organic today. Your hair (and the environment) will thank you for it.