Hair Trends 2016

If you have your finger on the pulse of beauty and style then you will be aware of the hair trends that dominated the past year. Pastel colours and braided styles were massive.

We saw stars like Taylor Swift and Lara Bingle chopping off their longer locks in favour of some fresh and textured mid-length styles. Yes, it was the year of “the lob” – aka long bob. Your Instagram feed was undoubtedly littered with images of impossibly cool shades of pastel silver/grey hair and some very creative bohemian styles.

There was so much that 2015 had to offer in stunning hair inspiration. But, it’s time to look to the future. So…what could possibly be next?

1. Healthy Hair

The biggest thing right now is to focus on the health and quality of your strands. It’s all about shine and vitality. There are a lot of products on the market that promise heat protection and prime condition all in the one application. Natural oils like Argan and coconut impart sheen and give your hair a nutrient boost. You can indulge in an in-salon treatment for the ultimate in results. The newest and most exciting of these would have to be Olaplex – a three step system that allows your hairdresser to colour your hair with minimal damage and to maintain optimum levels of condition at home.

2. Natural Hair Colours

We’ve endured a long wave of ultra-colourful styles (influenced by stars like Kylie Jenner and Katy Perry) so it’s a good estimation that hair colour trends will now take a turn for the natural. Yes, your tresses can now take a sigh of relief. Say goodbye to artificial strands and hello to natural, healthy looking hair. It’s all about playing up what nature intended – golden blondes, warm auburns, delicate light browns – it’s time to get back to your roots.

3. Classic Cuts

And, what’s the perfect style to show off your newly healthy hair in 2016? Look no further than the classic bob. This versatile style is already being pioneered on the red carpet by “it girl” and supermodel Gigi Hadid. Styles come and go: the classic bob is having another moment in time. You can wear it tousled as a casual daytime look or ultra-sleek for perfect office glam. The length and bluntness of the crop is super chic. The style imparts a sense of extra-thickness and health, giving your hair an overall new lease on life.

4. Unfussy waves and curls

For those with longer hair it’s all about texture. Specifically, it’s about achieving a look that perfectly undone. The key here is playing with more than one curling tool and rod sizes as well as diffusers. Don’t be afraid to mix it up. What you are aiming for is look that is divinely dishevelled. You can try putting braids in your hair before you sleep and unravelling them in the morning to create texture. If you’re one of those lucky people who are blessed with naturally curly hair then scrunch a sea-salt spray into wet hair and let it dry naturally. If you need a corporate -friendly look then secure your waves/curls in an elegant up-do.