Brow Beauty

You would have heard of the term eyebrows on fleek? Well, if you haven’t then you would have at least noticed that full and luxurious brows have become the look de jour.

Brow Waxes and Powders

It’s time to throw your old eyebrow pencil in the bin. Rather than creating a severe line that needs to be softened (as created by a pencil) brow waxes and powders allow for a look that is incredibly natural.

You use a small brush to apply both wax and powder. The wax is first applied to slick down the brow hairs and apply a base for the powder to adhere to. The powder is then used to define the brows softly and subtly. Brow wax and powder kits are a great way to fill in any gaps in your brows without being too obvious about it. It’s also great for unruly brows as the wax has the ability to hold down brow hairs all day.

Brow wax and powder kits generally are available in a few shades to match blonde to brunette to black brows. The look that can be achieved is much more refined than what can be created with pencil alone.

Brow Fiber Products

Brow Fiber products are quite the miracle product. They allow you to easily fill in and define brows in one quick application. They are almost like a mascara wand except that they generally have a spongy applicator that deposits tiny fibers of product that mimic natural brow hairs.

So, what happens is that you have a very authentic texture. If you’re looking for a natural and fuss free way to get your brows sorted of a morning than brow fiber products are for you. They will enhance your brows without making them look overdone.

Brow fiber wands do come in a variety of shades to match your colouring. A great tip for application is to dust off any excess product by lightly tapping the wand on a sink edge so you get the right amount fiber on the applicator so that there is no fall out.

Cosmetic Brow Tattooing

If you really want a sure-fire way to up your brow game then cosmetic tattooing might just be for you. It may sound a little scary but new techniques (referred to as feathering) mean that the tattooing is very discreet and natural. Rather than a line format, tiny tattoos that look exactly like brow hairs are etched within your brow area.

Look for cosmetic tattooists that have the necessary qualifications and visual testimonials to ensure a professional result. When done well, cosmetic tattooing can dramatically change sparse brows for the better.

It means you’ll never have to worry about your brows “washing off “ in the rain or at the gym or pool. Effectively, you can run out the door without ever having to think about your brows again. There is a little pain associated with cosmetic tattooing but with a numbing product applied the process is very manageable.